10th National Assembly leadership: Election of senate president lies solely with senators – Umeh, Sahabi

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Senators-elect, Victor Umeh from Anambra State and Sahabi Ya’u from Zamfara State on Monday derecognized the zoning of Senate President and Deputy Senate seats to the South South and North West by the ruling All Progressives Congress, APC, insisting that only elected senators can elect their leader.

Victor Umeh, who was elected on the platform of the Labour Party, LP, to represent Anambra Central Senatorial District and Sahabi Ya’u who is of All Progressives Congress, to represent Zamfara North Senatorial District, spoke with journalists at the International Conference Centre, Abuja on Monday, saying that the zoning was unknown to them.

Umeh said, they look forward to the day of inauguration, noting that, “Senators-elect and not party arrangements, will decide who becomes what and what on the day of inauguration.

He argued that senators would determine the position of Senate President of the 10th National Assembly and his deputy despite the APC’s zoning.

Also, Sahabi, who is a returnee, expressed surprise that he read in the media last week when they were not consulted, saying: “I read about the zoning arrangement in the papers like other people. Nobody has discussed such a plan with us and in any case, Senators-elect are the ones to decide who they want as President or Deputy President”, he insisted.

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