Africa’s Top-Earning Artist Shines in the US

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Touchaheart – Burna Boy, the Grammy-winning artist, has achieved a new milestone by becoming the first African artist to stage the highest-grossing arena concert in the United States.

This accomplishment was confirmed by Touring Data, a platform that provides ticket count information for US and Canada tours.

Africas Top Earning Artist Shines in the US

Breaking Records and Selling Out Shows

Burna Boy’s recent concert at TD Garden in Boston on March 2, 2024, generated $1.593 million in revenue, surpassing his 2022 record.

His ‘I Told Them’ tour sold out shows in multiple cities, including Scotiabank Arena in Montreal and Toronto, Boston, and Cologne, Germany.

The tour sold over 124,706 tickets, with an average price of $93.50, resulting in $11,659,531 in revenue.

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Burna Boy Makes UK History with ‘I Told Them’:African Music Milestone

Historic Performances and Accolades

Burna Boy’s achievements extend beyond his recent tour. He was the first Nigerian artist to headline a stadium in America, selling out Citi Field in New York.

He also made history as the first African artist to headline a stadium in the UK, performing at London Stadium.

Additionally, his Madison Square Garden performance marked him as the first Nigerian musician to sell out The World’s Most Famous Arena.

African Giant’s Continued Success

Burna Boy’s recently released album, ‘I TOLD THEM…’, debuted at #1 on the official UK Albums chart, making him the first international African artist to achieve this feat.

Despite rivalries within the Nigerian music industry, Burna Boy remains a dominant force, recently being listed among the TIME 100 Most Influential People of 2024.

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