Amazing as YouTube Premium, Music Now Available in Nigeria

YouTube Premium Features

For the time past that YouTube launched one of their powerful product that allows users to stream videos and music videos with seamless experiences such as ads-free, background-play etcetera, but with all these features, it was made available in few countries excluding countries like Nigeria among others.

Well, the news is no longer the same as it used to be. Nigerians can now download YouTube Music from Play store or Appstore and enjoy the amazing features that the app offers.


On top of that, you can subscribe to YouTube Premium to enjoy ad-free streaming experience across YouTube videos. It can be so annoying to see Advertisement repeating over and over again when trying to spend some good time on YouTube either for research, entertainment or training.

Here’re the Benefits of YouTube Premium in Nigeria

Here are some few among many features you benefit from using YouTube Premium.

Background Play: The YouTube Premium allows you to customize or turn off background play. By turning on the Background play option, you’re able to play music, videos from YouTube on your mobile device even though you are using your phone for other Apps. This means you can be playing music on YouTube and continue chatting on WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or use any other program simultaneously.


Access to Unlimited Music Premium: With the YouTube premium feature you also benefits that cut across YouTube Music premium with unlimited music streaming that allows you turn on and filter audio-only mode to listen to music without loading the video.

Enjoy Ad-Free Videos: This is one of the most interesting features as you enjoy a seamless experience from streaming across platforms without disturbing ads. The wait is finally over. You no longer need to wait for 5 seconds or more to skip ads.


All these are amazing features that YouTube Premium offer and a few others such as playlists, mixes, artists profile play, charts, and lots more.

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