Bella says her family opposed her dating Sheggz


Big Sister Bella Okagbue, an ex-housemate from Nigeria, said that Sheggz’s family had opposed her maintaining their connection.

At the Wednesday reunion show, the reality television personality revealed this.

She claimed that after leaving the house, she received criticism for her relationship inside and was told to put more emphasis on her business.

She did, however, add that it is up to her to decide whether or not to continue her relationship with Sheggz.

“From the family I am from, all those things like kissing I did on the show is not allowed. I’m supposed to act like a proper decent girl.

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“I received a directive to concentrate on my brand as soon as I left the house. Because I didn’t understand my family’s comments, I assumed Sheggz didn’t really like me.

“At that time, I was certain of our connection; I knew how I felt about him and he knew how he felt about me.

“I made the decision to leave things as they were after the first day of the interview. My relatives told me I had lost my home training when I came out of the house because I had been kissing and following men inside.

They cannot cast me away since they are my family. They eventually turned around after a few days, and everything was good.

I was advised not to pursue the relationship in light of the available information. But in the end, I made the choice, and our relationship is still going strong.


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