Biden Says Ceasefire Complicated After Aid-Seeking Palestinians Killed

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Health authorities in Gaza reported that Israeli forces killed over 100 Palestinians who were gathering food off an aid convoy

Hopes for a Gaza ceasefire dwindled Thursday in the aftermath of a brutal attack in Gaza City in which Israeli soldiers shot into a crowd of civilians, killing dozens.

Health authorities in Gaza reported that Israeli soldiers shot at a busy crowd that had gathered to grab food off an aid convoy, the first delivery to the region in a month and that more than 100 people were killed and approximately 760 were wounded in the attack.

President Joe Biden, who had previously expressed hope that a ceasefire deal could be struck by Monday, was asked by reporters Thursday if he thought the attack would complicate peace talks.

“I know it will,” he said.

“Hope springs eternal … probably not by Monday, but I’m hopeful,” he added.

Biden said he has been in contact with “people of the region” and that he’d received competing versions of what happened in Gaza City. According to Axios, Biden has recently been on the phone with the emir of Qatar and Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi to discuss the Israel-Hamas hostage negotiations.


Diplomatic representatives for Israel and Hamas had been conducting peace talks in Qatar earlier this week in an attempt to secure a lasting ceasefire in Gaza in exchange for the return of the remaining hostages. The talks were conducted in proximity, meaning mediators had met with the parties separately instead of face-to-face, according to Reuters. The New York Times reported Tuesday that Hamas leadership said there was no progress in reaching a deal, and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was “surprised” by Biden’s remarks that a ceasefire could be secured by the end of the weekend, according to ABC News. 

The Palestinian Health Authority said Thursday’s aid convoy attack brought the number of people killed in Gaza over 30,000 since October 7. In addition to the steep death toll, the war has destroyed infrastructure within the Gaza Strip and caused a hunger crisis for millions of residents in the region.

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