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“Sometimes there’d be a week or so lull, but then there would be a bad news story”

Cassidy Hutchinson, a former aide in President Donald Trump‘s administration who memorably testified in front of the January 6th committee, appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live and shared a few fittingly crazy anecdotes about her ex-bosses.

Host Jimmy Kimmel introduced his guest, who is currently promoting her book, as “White House survivor Cassidy Hutchinson,” adding “You’re not under oath, so don’t worry.” Hutchinson was the chief of staff to Mark Meadows during her time in the White House and has since shared her true recollections of the White House coup, which she acknowledged to Kimmel “sounds like fiction.”

“There is this notion of loyalty in Trump World,” she explained of why it took her some time to speak up. “What I refer to as Trump World, which is Donald Trump and his associates or whoever is surrounding him on that given day because it fluctuates and changes. There is a pressure to stay loyal, especially when you’re in the circle of trust and that’s the position that I had.”

Hutchinson also remembered what it was like working for Trump, adding that she doesn’t regret her time in the administration. “How often did the president throw ketchup at the wall?” Kimmel asked. “He does have a very potent fear of being poisoned,” Hutchinson replied. “So he uses and prefers the small Heinz glass ketchup bottles because he likes to hear his valet or whoever is serving him meal, he likes the hear the pop when he opens it.”

“Do you think he got this fear of being poisoned from all the ex-wives?” Kimmel then inquired. “Or is it Russia?” Hutchinson quipped back. “I don’t know.” She continued, “Sometimes it would happen once or twice a week, sometimes more. Sometimes there’d be a week or so lull, but then there would be a bad news story. But it wasn’t just launching the food and the plates and the porcelain at the wall. It was sometimes just flipping the tablecloth.”


Elsewhere in the interview Hutchinson discussed Trump’s decision to tell people to drink bleach to prevent Covid and how whenever he was told not to do something “he would want to do it more.” She also recounted a story about being at Camp David with Kevin McCarthy and Matt Gaetz involving a drunken Gaetz looking for his cabin.

Hutchinson’s book, Enough, was released in September.

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