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Following the shocking death of popular photographer Bob Pixel, can confirm that his last post on social media was on January 22, 2121, where he shared a photo of a man who, according to him, changed his life forever.

According to Bobbie, he considered himself lucky to have been in a profession that someone else didn’t get a chance to get into, and that made him do better and make an impact.

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Using Carlos as a case study, Bobbie encouraged young people to determine their passion and not allow anyone to dissuade them from achieving their goal.

He also asked people who for some reason have been denied the opportunity to enter college to explore their talents.

Bob believed that colleges should produce graduates who could delve deeper into their passion and not just a work force that worked solely for the money and nothing else.

“When I was a kid I always dreamed of pursuing something that I really loved when I entered college; which is art and photography. I didn’t get a chance to move on, so I ended up drifting into something I had no idea about. I had to accept what they gave me and find a way to care. But one thing is that I will never give up what I always dreamed of being. ” These were the words of Carlos, a passionate young man whom I met only a few days ago but who managed to leave a great impression on me. .

“Produce graduates and a workforce that works solely for money and nothing else. It is time for these universities to analyze the effects of their system. A simple letter of motivation is a solution, ”said his post.

Below is Bob Pixels last post;

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