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Fox News is grasping at every angle to defend Donald Trump from his many indictments

As Donald Trump faces his third criminal indictment, Fox News has taken on the role of crisis spin room for the former president — with host Jesse Watters leading the herd.

Since news of the indictment broke on Tuesday, Watters has grasped at every proverbial straw to excuse the ex-president’s actions in the aftermath of the 2020 election. 

On Thursday, while attempting to lambast “the media” for their coverage of Trump’s indictment, Watters accused reports of having been “aghast at sarcastic ‘lock her up’ chants.” 

The “lock her up” chant — which called for the imprisonment of Trump’s 2016 rival, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, and has become a staple at his rallies — is far from sarcastic. Trump himself agreed on multiple occasions that Clinton should be investigated, and at one point told supporters that “she has to go to jail.”

Before the end of his broadcast, Watters himself had contradicted his assertion that the chant was just a big joke. The host aired a segment on Wednesday promising that as president, Trump would both pardon himself and exact revenge on his Democratic rivals. 

“He’ll be out for blood,” Watters said. “He’s going to put [in] his men at Justice, and the Clintons, Obamas, the Pelosis, and Schiffs, and yes — of course — the Bidens will be legally assaulted.” 


Watters has matched the Trump-pandering tone of his network since taking over for ex-host Tucker Carlson. The full court defense of the former president coincides with network management attempting to woo Trump — who’s soured on his former favorite channel in recent months — to participate in their August presidential debate. 

Is it working? Who knows, but the former president did devote much of his post-indictment Truth Social posting spree to praising statements made by Fox News anchors and guests analyzing the indictment in his favor. Even Watters made it onto the former president’s timeline. 

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