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Host Jesse Watters said he can “just tell” when a person is undocumented during a segment on The Five

As Fox holds auditions for its recently vacated 8 p.m. timeslot, some hosts are pulling out all the stops to show the network that they are a worthy successor to former primetime racist Tucker Carlson. On Tuesday afternoon, host Jesse Watters, appearing on The Five, claimed that he could “just tell” if a person was an undocumented migrant. 

“I saw, on the way into work, an illegal immigration family digging through the trash, looking for recyclables,” Watters said. 

“How did you know they were illegal?” interjected co-host Jessica Tarlov. 

“You can tell,” Watters responded, “I can tell. I’m a city guy. You don’t want me to get into it, but I can tell.” 

The network has a long history of racist bashing against undocumented migrants, but it’s not every day that a host admits to profiling random individuals on the street. Then again, one of Watters’ most infamous Fox News segments was his 2016 “man on the street” venture into New York City’s Chinatown neighborhood while working as a correspondent on The O’Reilly Factor

In the segment, Watters approaches Chinese Americans, asking them if it’s “the year of the dragon,” if they “know karate,” or if he’s “supposed to bow to say hello” to them. 


At one point Watters asks a vendor if the watches he has for sale were stolen. The entire segment took place with Carl Douglas’ “Kung Fu Fighting” as a backing track. 

Even with Carlson out of a job, there is still plenty of drivel being aired at Fox News, Watters is just the latest heir apparent to the network’s long-standing racist traditions. 

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