Jim Jordan Fails Even Harder in Third Vote for House Speakership

jim jordan loses more votes

25 Republicans voted against Jordan’s bid for the House Speakership on Friday, an even greater amount of dissent than his first two attempts.

Jim Jordan shed even more support from his caucus in a third failed vote to secure the Speakership on Friday. 

Twenty-five Republicans voted against Jordan’s nomination on Friday, an increase in defections from the 22 who voted against him on Wednesday, and 20 on Tuesday. 

On Thursday, it seemed as if Jordan had, at least temporarily, let go of the idea of a third attempt. The Ohio representative signaled that might back a resolution to appoint Rep. Patrick McHenry as a temporary Speaker through January, and resume the battle then. A closed door GOP conference to resolve the matter dissolved into an emotional screaming match, and early Friday morning Jordan (R-Ohio) called a press conference where he affirmed his commitment to securing the gavel but gave little insight as to what methods he was pursuing to bring holdouts to his side. 

Even Fox News was baffled by the goal of the presser. “Umm…ok. I don’t know what the point was,” host Brian Kilmead said after Jordan stepped away from the mic. “Everything that we just learned we knew.” 

For weeks now Congress has remained in a state of chaotic limbo as House Republicans seem unable to resolve their internal divisions and elect a new speaker following their move to remove Kevin McCarthy from the position earlier this month. Despite an endorsement from former President Trump, Jordan’s candidacy seems to be going the way of Rep. Steve Scalise (R-La.), who bowed out of the race despite having secured a nomination when it became clear he did not have the necessary support.  


Jordan met with several of the dissenting representatives shortly before the vote. According to Punchbowl News’ Jake Sherman, Jordan was told in no uncertain terms that he would never be Speaker, and there was little he could do to change the holdout’s minds. 

The Ohio representative floated keeping members over the weekend to hold additional votes, but his insistence in holding the House captive to push through his bid will likely do little to increase his base of support.

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