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A source tells People that the failed gubernatorial candidate is at the former president’s resort practically “every night”

Kari Lake hasn’t done much but complain since her failed bid for the Arizona governorship in 2022, but that doesn’t mean she isn’t trying to set the stage for some sort of comeback. According to a report from People Magazine, in a bid to stay close to her political idol (and man she claimed had “BDE”) Lake has been spending a lot of time at the Lago — Mar-a-Lago that is. 

Donald Trump’s Florida resort has long been the hottest club for GOP climbers, and given that the former president has reportedly included Lake in his shortlist for potential 2024 running mates, it’s no surprise she wants to keep herself in his orbit. 

According to People, Lake “is there every night … She’s there all the time.” The former news anchor reportedly has “a suite there that she practically lives in.”

The former president hops between his multiple resorts and properties, but remains frequently present at his Palm Beach estate. A source previously told People that Lake was looking to strike a deal with Trump “to compensate for her loss in Arizona.”

“I believe she wants to be his running mate,” the source said. 

Lake was endorsed by Trump in her 2022 bid for office, and stylized herself in the former president’s image — down to hawking baseless claims of election fraud and an explanation for her loss. 

Her devotion to the former president has not waned since. In response to the Justice Department bringing criminal charges against Trump for his hoarding of classified documents, Lake vowed that prosecutors would “have to go through me and 75 million Americans just like me.” 


Lake added that she and “most of us are NRA members. That is not a threat; that is a public service announcement.”

But despite spending an inordinate amount of time at the former president’s hotel-residence, Lake has refused to reveal her long term plans. “I don’t think President Trump needs a vice president. He is that powerful as a leader, he doesn’t really need anyone,” she told Piers Morgan in May. 

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