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Kevin McCarthy’s brain is broken. 

During a press conference discussing the House passing the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) on Friday, Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) claimed the bill sent a message to the Senate to “stop using taxpayer money to do their own wokeism.” 

“A military cannot defend themselves if you train them in woke. We don’t want Disneyland to train our military,” McCarthy added. (Disney is not mentioned anywhere in the legislation.) 

This version of the NDAA will likely die in the Senate given the various culture-war-based amendments attached by House Republicans. 

The proposed defense spending package would revoke funding for any project or program involving “Critical Race Theory,” dissolve the office of the Defense Department’s Chief Diversity Officer, ban drag performances, and severely curtails the military’s ability to research and implement renewable energy sources. The bill would also revoke funding for gender-affirming care and abortion services to enlisted members, veterans, and dependents. 

On Thursday, Rep. Jared Moskowitz (D-Fla.), a member of the House Oversight Committee,  accused Republicans of holding an initially uncontroversial military funding bill “hostage” over the “culture war.”

“The Senate is going to kick all this back to us,” he said. “They’re gonna wipe all this culture war nonsense out, and so this is just theater, it’s not about defending the country.” 

Moskowitz also pointed out that in the Senate Armed Services Committee, Alabama Senator Tommy Tuberville has been holding hundreds of military appointments hostage for months. “We can’t appoint the head of the Marine Corps because of the culture wars — hasn’t happened since 1910,” he said, calling the situation “nonsense.” 


Despite claims that they are depoliticizing the military, House Republicans are simultaneously bragging that the bill delivers on a slew of conservative promises. “Just look at the conservative policies in this NDAA,” said Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-Colo.), calling the bill the “most conservative” defense spending bill she’d ever worked on. 

The Senate, currently controlled by Democrats, is expected to take up the legislation next week. They’re likely to leave more confetti on the cutting room floor than a Disney park parade. 

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