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Georgia prosecutor Fani Willis is expected to present her case against Donald Trump to a grand jury this coming week, and she reportedly has some bombshell evidence: messages connecting Rudy Giuliani and other Trump allies to a voting systems breach in the state.

According to CNN, Trump allies began efforts to access the Dominion voting machines in deep red Coffee County in mid-December as the then-president attempted to make a case that widespread voter fraud caused him to lose the 2020 election to Joe Biden.

Then, on Jan. 1, 2021, six days before the breach and days ahead of the Jan. 6 insurrection, Coffee County elections official Misty Hampton wrote a letter to attorneys working for Trump. In texts, Trump allies referred to the letter as a “written invitation” to access the county’s voting systems, according to documents obtained by CNN.

Months earlier, Hampton had already positioned herself as an ally in Trump’s attempts to paint the election as rife with fraud. At a state election board meeting that took place soon after the election, Hampton falsely claimed that Dominion voting machines could be “very easily” manipulated to change votes, which prompted a Trump ally to get in touch with her.

Katherine Friess — a lawyer who was working with Giuliani, Sidney Powell, and others in Trump’s circle — shared Hampton’s “Letter of invitation to Coffee County, Georgia” with employees of Sullivan Strickler, a data forensics firm Trump attorney Sidney Powell hired to investigate voting machines in the county, as well as with former NYPD Police Commissioner Bernie Kerik, who was working closely with Guiliani on finding evidence of the non-existent mass voter fraud. Friess also shared the letter with the people who executed the breach, CNN reported, citing text messages.

“Just landed back in DC with the Mayor huge things starting to come together!” a Sullivan Strickler employee wrote in a group chat on Jan. 1, referring to Giuliani as “the Mayor,” as he is a former mayor of New York City. Guiliani’s attorney denied he was involved.

“Most immediately, we were just granted access – by written invitation! – to Coffee County’s systems. Yay!” the employee added.

Coffee County’s voting systems were mentioned in draft executive orders to seize voting machines, CNN reported earlier. Those drafts were shared with Trump in a Dec. 18, 2020 meeting, during which Guiliani referenced a plan to obtain “voluntary access” to George voting machines, according to testimony Guiliani and others gave to the Jan. 6 committee.


“Rudy Giuliani had nothing to do with this,” Robert Costello, Giuliani’s attorney, told CNN. “You can’t attach Rudy Giuliani to Sidney Powell’s crackpot idea.”

On Jan. 7, 2021, Hampton and another Coffee County elections official, Cathy Latham, allegedly helped Trump’s operatives access voting systems, according to documents, testimony and surveillance video reviewed by CNN. Security footage showed that Latham, who also served as a fake elector, escorted Sullivan Strickler experts into a Georgia elections office hours ahead of the breach. That evidence is part of a civil lawsuit pertaining to election security in Georgia. When giving a deposition in the suit, Latham had claimed she “didn’t go into the office,” but footage shows she spent four hours in the office that day, including going into and out of the area where Sullivan Strickler forensics experts were working, an area that was not covered by surveillance cameras. Latham even posed for a selfie with one of the operatives.

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