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It’s an old Republican trope, to claim everything Democrats do is communism. But Marjorie Taylor Greene took it to the extreme, as she is wont to do, claiming that with the indictments of Donald Trump, “Americans are actually seeing what communism really looks like.”

“They have no policies to run on,” Greene said of Joe Biden’s administration. “The only thing they can run on is to continue smearing President Trump’s name, and I just want to follow up and say, Maria, the more times they indict President Trump, the more people realize that the Biden administration is a communist regime. And for the first time, Americans are actually seeing what communism really looks like, and we have to stand up to this. This is why Republicans in the House, when we come back in September, we have to vote for an impeachment inquiry. Because it’s the right thing to do.”

When host Maria Bartiromo asked whether Greene has rallied enough House members to vote for impeachment, the congresswoman replied, “I don’t think we’re quite there yet, Maria, just to be honest with you. But I hope that the amount of overwhelming evidence that has come out and continues to pour out will convince those members that are still on the fence.”

Bartiromo then went on to make a specious argument of her own, claiming that the Trump indictments are some kind of distraction from news about Biden’s alleged corruption. Her evidence? A bunch of dates.

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“We have this graphic here, and it’s awfully coincidental,” Bartiromo said. “Every time we see a scandal around the Biden family, we get an indictment or an attack on Donald Trump. March 16th, Comer reveals the Biden family payments. April 4th, Trump New York criminal indictment. June 8th, the GOP views the Biden bribery 1023 form, when we see a shakedown of Hunter Biden to a Chinese partner. June 9th, Trump classified indictment. July 26th, Hunter has the plea deal that falls apart. The next day, Trump gets additional charges from Jack Smith. And, of course, when Devon Archer testifies on July 31st, Trump is indicted on January 6th.”


Bartiromo’s allegation — that prosecutors are somehow coordinating their indictments of Trump to distract from Hunter Biden news — would require a massive conspiracy among attorneys across the country. The timeline is also laughable, with charges against the former president coming sometimes multiple weeks after news broke about Biden’s son. And the allegations Bartiromo cites against Hunter Biden are often uncorroborated or unverified, unlike much of the evidence in the indictments against Trump.

Later in the show, Bartiromo interviewed Trump attorney Alinia Habba, who said she expects Trump will be indicted in Georgia sometime in the coming weeks. Wonder what Hunter Biden news Bartiromo will claim that particular indictment is hiding.

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