Music Streaming: Chance The Rapper Debut Album Hit The Streets of America Hard

chance the rapper the big day

Are you feeling overwhelmed by the competitive release of singles this weekend Friday? We are too. The sudden unveiling of tracks from various artists today made fans wondering where to start as several superstars in America unveils different kinds of music and readily available for streaming from Chance The Rapper, Taylor Swift, Lil Nas X, RM of BTS & many more artists.

Chance the rapper once disclosed the new debut album he titled “The Big Day” which dropped on the 25th whereas got the first stream today Friday.

The sudden major releases will definitely be the major tracks to appear on playlists this week and beyond as fans are readily streaming.

The album comprises some amazing tracks making the list today and the preview snippet is right here from this tracklists.

All Day Long, Do You Remember, Eternal, Hot Shower, We Go High, I Got You (Always and Forever), Photo Ops (Skit), Roo, The Big Day, Let’s Go On the Run, Handsome, Big Fish, Ballin Flossin, 4 Quarters in the Black (Skit), 5 Year Plan, Get a Bag, Slide Around, Sun Come Down, Found a Good One (Single No More), Town On the Hill, Our House (Skit) Zanies and Fools

The Big Day is technically Chance’s debut album following a trio of mixtapes the last of which, 2016’s Coloring Book, lifted him to a Best New Artist win at the 2017 Grammys. If the “debut” designation feels a little off, it’s at least accurate in the sense that Chance has never offered his projects for sale before now.

Recall that the announcement last week earned him massive publicity from Jimmy’s show and he’s got people waiting and talking about the album with a lot of preorders compelling Jimmy to open the preorder which granted him opportunity to unveil the title and release date last week.

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