Nick Fuentes Says ‘Perfidious Jews’ Should Be Executed

Nick fuentes

Nick Fuentes, the hate leader who dined at Mar-a-Lago last year with Donald Trump and Kanye West, is calling for a genocide of “perfidious Jews” and other non-Christians. “When we take power,” he said a Dec. 8 livestream, “they need to be given the death penalty, straight up.”

Fuentes leads an “America First” movement of young white nationalists who call themselves “Groypers.” One of the country’s most insidious racists, Fuentes denies the Holocaust and has increasingly advocated for a violent form of Christian nationalism, as epitomized by his Friday remarks. “These people who are suppressing the name Christ, and suppressing Christianity,” he said, “they must be absolutely annihilated.”

The dark call to violence was first highlighted by Right Wing Watch.

Despite his overt hate speech, Fuentes has made inroads into Republican politics. Fuentes hosts an annual America First Political Action Conference — which he holds as far-right counter-programming to the more conventional CPAC. Fuentes’ event has attracted congressional speakers including Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) and Paul Gosar (R-Ariz.).

During the rapper Kanye West’s antisemitic blitz of late 2022, Fuentes was a paid political adviser to West, and accompanied his November visit with Trump at the former president’s Palm Beach estate. Fuentes was also on camera when West infamously professed his love for Hitler during a Dec. 2022 interview with Alex Jones.

This week, Jones was reinstated to the X platform by Elon Musk — despite the massive legal judgment against him for lying about the Sandy Hook massacre. Fuentes’ Groypers now want their hate leader to also regain access to a Twitter account. (Fuentes was briefly reinstated after Musk bought Twitter, but was re-suspended only days later.) They have launched a #FreeNick hashtag, and one acolyte has tweeted that he’s holding a hunger strike until Fuentes gets his account back.


For now Fuentes remains exiled from Musk’s good graces. But the hate leader is still welcome in Texas politics. In October, Fuentes was caught meeting with influential state Republican leaders in Fort Worth. In response to the controversy, the Texas GOP introduced a resolution earlier this month reading in part: “The Republican Party of Texas [will] have no association whatsoever with any individual or organization that is known to espouse anti-Semitism, pro-Nazi sympathies, or Holocaust denial.”

The resolution failed by three votes.

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