Nigerians Reacts Against APC’s Third Term Agenda

PMB third term agenda

Not quite long that the Hate Speech Bill was constituted, an APC Chieftain approaches Court to change Constitution to allow Buhari to run for “Third Term”.

“Enya, who served as organising secretary to Buhari during the 2019 general election, filed the suit (FHC/AI/CS/90/19) before a Federal High Court in Abakiliki, the state capital.”


Reacting to this, angry Nigerians took it to social media to analyze the matter and the evil plots behind the plans of Hate Speech Bill in relation to the third term agenda.

However, in a short video clip, President Muhammadu Buhari was heard assuring Nigerians he isn’t part of the third term plans not just for his age but because he’s sworn by the holy book to abide by the constitution.

“I’m not going to make the mistake of attempting a third term or whatever term. Besides the age, I swore by the Holy Book I believe in that I will go by the constitution and the constitution said 2 terms.”

A Twitter user by username @favloadedblog reacted in a tweet that the Hate Speech Bill was introduced to silence the mouths of anyone who will attempt to oppose the third term agenda and also urges Nigerians to wake up.

“Are we too blind that we can’t see the plan of APC… She said. Adding that “They would enact a law against hate speech and social media… And the Senate would now amend the constitution giving #Buhari the 3rd Term… If you speak up will be jailed… reaffirming that this is already obvious


She also urges Nigerians to wake up… “Wake up 9ja!!”

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