Nollywood Star Ninalowo Confirms Divorce from Wife Bunmi


Nollywood actor, Bolanle Ninalowo, popularly known as Nino, has announced his separation from his wife of 12 years, Bunmi.

The actor, known for his roles in movies such as Picture Perfect, Husbands of Lagos, and Merry Men 2, took to his Instagram page on Friday, September 1, to share this heartbreaking news.

Nollywood Star Ninalowo Confirms Divorce from Wife Bunmi

Quotes from Nino’s Announcement

Ninalowo expressed his sadness over the end of his marriage and the impact it would have on his children.

He stated, “I’ve tried my best to make the marriage work, but it was not meant to be.”

Reasons for the Separation

According to Ninalowo, the couple had irreconcilable differences that made them incompatible.

They had grown apart over the years and realized that they needed to move on with their independent lives.

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He also emphasized the importance of taking care of his health and mental state for the sake of his children and himself.

Their Love Story

Ninalowo and Bunmi’s love story began in Chicago, USA, where they both lived and worked.

They tied the knot in 2011 and later moved back to Nigeria in 2014.

The couple shares two beautiful children, a son named Keyo and a daughter named Aliyah.

Ninalowo’s journey to Christianity was also influenced by his wife, who is a devout Christian.

He often credited her as his biggest supporter and motivator in his acting career.

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Nino’s Future Plans

Despite the difficult circumstances, Ninalowo remains determined to focus on being a better father to his children and a better person to himself.

He will continue to work hard and pursue his passion for acting.

He expressed gratitude to God for everything he has achieved so far and hopes for a brighter and more fulfilling future.

What You Should Know

The separation of Nollywood star Ninalowo from his wife Bunmi is undoubtedly a challenging chapter in their lives.

As they embark on separate journeys, we can only wish them both healing and happiness.

Let’s respect their privacy during this difficult time and keep them in our prayers.

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