Ogun State Declares DATKEM Plaza Illegal Structure, Citing Violations Of Planning Laws

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Ogun State Declares DATKEM Plaza Illegal, Citing Violations of Planning Laws”

Ogun State Government has officially declared DATKEM Plaza in Ijebu Ode as an illegal structure without an approved plan, stating that it also breaches the state’s physical planning regulations. The announcement, made through a statement from the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Physical Planning and Urban Development, Engr. Olayiwola Abiodun, highlighted multiple structural defects in the building.

Efforts by the state government to halt further construction on the site had been fruitless, including requests for the structural engineer’s assessment of the building’s stability, which were ignored.

The statement emphasized the importance of proactive measures in light of past building disasters across the country, some resulting in tragic loss of life. The partial demolition of the non-compliant structure was described as a precautionary action.

Engr. Abiodun challenged the owners to provide evidence of government approval for the construction. He also noted that, for a commercial building of its scale, there must be adequate parking facilities, as required by law.

The building was found to lack stage certification, which is typically issued at various construction phases. Notices, including contravention, stop-work, and demolition orders, were served between May and October 2022, all of which were disregarded.

The statement traced the building’s history, with DATKEM Enterprises Limited originally submitting an application for an office building in 2009. However, observations during monitoring revealed significant deviations from the approved plan, including modifications and an additional storey.

Despite multiple warnings and notices, construction continued, leading to the site’s sealing in August 2023. An appeal for unsealing was temporarily granted to evacuate belongings, but a final quit notice was served in August 2023.

The Ogun State Government reaffirmed its commitment to citizen safety and vowed to demolish any structurally defective buildings across the state to protect lives.

Ministry of Physical Planning and Urban Development.

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