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Oliver Anthony

Fox News presses the rich men north of Richmond about “The Rich Men North of Richmond”

The first GOP presidential primary debate is lacking star power with Donald Trump opting to sit down for an interview with Tucker Carlson instead of joining his rivals onstage. Fox News tried to fill the void by kicking off the event with a few questions about rising country music star Oliver Anthony’s viral anthem “Rich Men North of Richmond.”

“Why is this song striking such a nerve in this country right now?” moderator Martha MacCallum asked Florida Governor Ron DeSantis after playing a clip from the song.

“Our country is in decline,” DeSantis said. “This decline is not inevitable. It’s a choice. We need to send Joe Biden back in his basement and reverse American decline. … We cannot succeed when the Congress spends trillions and trillions of dollars. Those rich men north of Richmond have put us in this situation.”

Anthony’s anthem went viral earlier this month, thanks in large part to conservative influencers sharing the video of him performing it on Twitter. It isn’t surprising why. The song features lyrics about high taxes, inflation, and the ills of welfare. “Lord, we got folks in the street, ain’t got nothing to eat / And the obese milking welfare,” he wails. “Well God, if you’re 5 foot 3 and you’re 300 pounds/Taxes ought not to pay for your bags of fudge rounds.”


The song became so popular that it recently leaped to the top spot on Billboard’s Hot 100 chart, making it ripe for Fox News to inject into a debate featuring a relatively lackluster lineup of candidates. (Second place candidate DeSantis is polling nearly 40 points behind Trump, nationally.)

The network even used the song as the basis for a second question, with the moderators asking Tim Scott about the welfare line. The question spurred several minutes of the candidates crowing about being fiscally responsibility and cutting social services.

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