Pastors who have private jets, N1bn won’t make heaven – Prophet Amos

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A Nigerian clergyman, Prophet Amos Child Of God, has asserted that clerics who own private jets or have up to N500 million to N1 billion in their bank accounts will not make heaven.

The preacher also said pastors who own universities or estates or ordain their wives would not see paradise.

Prophet Amos said this while addressing members of his congregation at Jesus Christ Temple Ministry, Warri, Delta State, in a viral video.

He said, “Any pastor wey buy jet, if he see heaven, I pull my shoes. Any pastor wey get estate and university, if he see heaven, if the door of heaven open [for him], that means it will also open for Sodom and Gomorrah.

“Any prophet wey get N1 billion, N500 million for his account, na e be say na only him na e the gospel first reach. Any pastor wey ordain his wife, if he see heaven, na e be say na only you be first pastor wey marry.

“The apostles no marry? Show me their wives names for bible. All of them were married.”



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