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When asked how Americans should respond to increasing gun violence, Alex Coker suggested everyone should be prepared to kill

In the wake of yet another mass shooting — this time at a mall in Allen, Texas, where a gunman killed at least eight people — a Fox News guest recommended that Americans who fear they may be a victim of the next shooting should “be polite and professional, but plan to kill everyone you meet.”

Alex Coker, a television host and former police officer, was quoting a line that General James Mattis reportedly told troops in the war zones of Iraq and Afghanistan. But Coker now thinks that this kind of mindset is healthy for people in America.

“What do you say to folks who live in neighborhoods maybe like Allen, Texas, where they don’t think crime will ever hit them, and they don’t need to prepare? What would you tell them?” host Lawrence Jones asked Coker on Saturday night’s episode of Lawrence Jones Cross Country.

“Run away like your life depends on it. You need to be physically fit, and run fast,” Coker said. “So move move, move. Second thing is to barricade. Try to put something between you and that gunman. And the third is prepare to defend. Like a hornet’s nest, everyone comes together. And go ahead and tag the guy. Enough people coming together at once will take out that armed gunman. You can take him out and override them whether it’s even a plane or a Walmart.”


Then Coker added this little nugget of wisdom: “Just like General Mathis said: Be polite and professional, but plan to kill everyone you meet. Something you might say could cause someone to snap.”

Coker’s remark went unquestioned by Jones who casually moved on to the next question as if his guest hadn’t just recommended every American walk around thinking about murder all the time. As if America doesn’t have a problem with shooting at innocent people, including food delivery drivers who accidentally go to the wrong house. Leave it to the folks on Fox News to propose literally anything but increased gun control to prevent the next mass shooting.

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