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Nigerians have called out the police authorities over the extortion of a 22 -year-old 300 level student of the Delta State University, Efe Ifie, by some policemen who accosted him and forcefully collected N 150, 000 meant for his school fees and feeding.
Olayinka Adeleke, Delta state commissioner of police was lashed for not taking the matter seriously, as Nigerians demand that the erring policemen should be fished out and brought to book.
A reliable source had reported that Ifie was heading for school on Tuesday on a bus when the policemen flagged down the vehicle and ordered him to disembark.
After checking through his phone and finding two email addresses , they tagged him a fraudster and demanded N 200, 000 settlement to free him.
His plea that he should be allowed to call his parents fell on deaf ears as the armed policemen took him to Ekpan Police Station where they checked his phone and found a credit alert
They consequently led him to a POS centre and compelled him to withdraw N 150 , 000 for them .
Reacting to the incident , the police spokesperson in the state , DSP Onome Onovwakpoyeya, said the police team could not have been from the Ekpan Division as the spot where Ifie was picked was not under the division’ s jurisdiction .
But Nigerian on different social platforms likened the incident to a robbery and sought justice for the hapless student.
“ What the police PRO said is arrant nonsense . It is the duty of all Nigerians to report crime if they see one. Saying that the boy must report the case personally before they take action is silly! Let’s say the boy was hospitalised for a long time , could other persons not report the case and action taken ?”
“ They are nothing but armed official robbers . By the way , is it lawful in Nigeria for police to go through people ’ s phone ? Are people no more entitled to their privacy in Nigeria? This issue of going through people’ s phone is becoming very common, ” he stated .
One Femi Jegede wondered if the IG was aware of the news and enjoined him to “ fish the uniformed criminals out. ”
“ What is the latest in this case ? The CP cannot hide behind the PPRO. No. Is this armed robbery ? I expect fire has started burning at that station by now. CP , wake up, ” another commenter , Deinde Ayo , wrote .
A Twitter user, Beneth Ofili , demanded that the matter must not be swept under the carpet, saying “ the CP of Delta State must bring this matter to a satisfactory conclusion . ”
“ They should track the PoS owner . The person will know them , ” he added .
Another Twitter user, @ binyaminu _ 24744, noted that the government had failed to reform the Nigerian police to meet with the international standard .
On Facebook, Prince Charles demanded that “ these armed robbers must be fished out and punished and this boy fees returned immediately, ” describing the case as “ very shameful. ”
“ Those officers should be identified, tried, dismissed, and charged to court for robbery! This is a disgrace to the Nigerian police , Nigerian Citizens , and Nigeria as a country , ” another Facebook user, Charles J Charles, wrote.


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