Protesters Crash Trump Rally, Call Him ‘Climate Criminal’: Watch

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Climate activists twice interrupted Donald Trump‘s Sunday rally, calling the former president a “climate criminal” on the day before he faces off against his Republican opponents in the Iowa caucuses.

While Trump made his closing arguments to supporters before they head to the caucuses, a handful of climate activists heckled him. One person shouted during his speech and accused him of having “taken millions,” and others shouted that Trump is a “climate criminal.” As the protesters were escorted out of the room, one Trump supporter tried to pull a sign that read “Trump: climate criminal” out of an activist’s hands.

“Go home to mommy,” Trump told the protesters. “So young. It used to happen all the time but I don’t think it’s happened in years.”

“They are so young, and they are fighting oil,” Trump added.

To fuel his 2024 campaign, Trump has indeed accepted millions of dollars in donations from the oil and gas industry. Some oil executives spent as much as $23,200 to take a photo with Trump at a recent fundraiser hosted by telecom billionaire Kenny Troutt.

While in office, Trump, noted windmill fearmonger, took drastic action to harm the planet and accelerate climate change, making himself a trusted ally of big oil. Trump perpetuated climate denialism by calling climate change “fake news,” and he derailed many aspects of U.S. climate policy while eviscerating parts of the executive bureaucracy dedicated to protecting the environment, including the Environmental Protection Agency. He removed the U.S. from the Paris climate accord, rolled back fuel standards and forwarded deeper investments in fossil fuels, including the Dakota Access and Keystone XL Pipelines. He oversaw the largest ever reduction of protected public lands in U.S. history, and attacked renewable sources of energy.

When former North Dakota governor Doug Burgum came to the podium and endorsed Trump, protesters again briefly disrupted the rally. “Donald Trump claims to speak for my generation,” one activist shouted. “He is sold out by oil and gas billionaires. Our homes are burning, our homes are flooding!”


“If you love your children you have to vote for Trump,” Trump said during his speech. “Does anybody in this room not love their children?”

If we truly loved our children, we’d leave them a planet worth living on.

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