Residents flee communities as gunmen kill military men in Rivers


Residents of Emelego, Ogboloma, and Okolomade communities in the Abua/Odual Local Government Area of Rivers State have fled the area after gunmen killed two military men in the area.

Chief of the Adada community, Nicholas Gilbert, told journalists that the people fled for fear of harassment or invasion by security agencies.

According to him, the people are currently sleeping on their various farmlands.

He lamented that the rain had left them in an unsafe condition as they had no shelter.

He decried the lack of security presence and police station in the area for over 20 years, which he said has resulted in the continued kidnapping and killings in the area.

Gilbert called on the state government to help resolve the issue so they could return to their homes, pleading that they were all stranded in the bush.

“As I’m talking to you now, I’m right in the bush, and heavy rain is falling on me. Everybody is wet in the bush.

“What happened in Adada has been happening since 2008. We have been suffering at the hands of all these bad boys.

“That 2008, one Emmanuel Okiri was shot dead, and the government did not come to ask us how. 2009 again, something happened, I went to Abua to the police station and reported, but nobody came.

“Again, in 2013, it happened, I went to Abua police station and reported. 2018, December 24, five boys were shot by unknown men. I went to Abua and reported and asked for help, but nobody came.

“I was asked to bring some money because of transport. I told them I have no money, so I came back. Right now, we’re suffering the same thing.

“We’re hearing rumours of threats to come and burn the community. We’re hearing rumors of mass arrest.

“They have arrested some people in Ogoloma and elsewhere. We are running helter-skelter inside the bush.

“I reported to the Highness of the kingdom. He told me by tomorrow, they’re going to have a meeting.

“We are begging the state government to come and make things calm down. Though the military can come and find out what happened and who and who committed the crime.

“We ourselves don’t know what to do,” he added.

DAILY POST gathered that last Tuesday, gunmen killed two military men and stole two rifles from them.

They were attached to a contractor of the Ekaago-Ogboloma-Adada Road project being executed by the state government.

DAILY POST also learned that the two soldiers were killed by gunmen trying to abduct the expatriate handling the project.

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