Residents trapped in Abuja estate over hours of rainfall

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Many residents of Trademore estate of Lugbe in Abuja are trapped by flood due to hours of constant rainfall this Friday.

On Friday, Ruth Agbogidi, a resident near the Trademore state, confirmed the development in a chat with DAILY POST.

She said, “Since the rain started this morning, one of my friends staying in the estate could not go anywhere due to the rain”.

She noted that the resident at Trademoore estate is always affected whenever it rains this way.

When DAILY POST contacted the Director General of Federal Capital Territory Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), Abbass Idriss, he said the entire estate sits on water.

He stated that the entire estate needed to be demolished to save lives.

“Yes, we carried out the demolition last year; we are shocked to hear this news of flooding again. However, the truth is that the entire estate is situated on top of water.

*For the safety of the lives of Nigerians, the estate as a whole would have to be demolished”, he stated.

Recall that in 2021, flood claimed at least four lives and destroyed several properties in the Trademore estate.


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