Rudy Giuliani Bails on Testifying at Election Worker Defamation Trial

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Trump’s former lawyer had promised to prove he’s right about two Georgia election workers working to rig the 2020 election

Rudy Giuliani was slated to testify on Thursday in the trial to determine how much he has to pay the Georgia election workers he defamed following the 2020 election. He decided against taking the stand, however, reneging on a promise to set the record straight and “give the whole story.”

Giuliani was found liable in August of spreading lies about Shaye Moss and her mother Ruby Freeman, now-former Georgia election workers he falsely claimed helped rig the election in President Biden’s favor. Moss and Freeman were subjected to relentless harassment as a result of Giuliani’s lies. Moss testified earlier this week that she was forced to change her appearance to avoid the abuse. Freeman testified that she received a slew of racist and threatening messages in response to Giuliani’s slander.

Moss and Freeman are seeking between $14 and $41 million in damages. Giuliani’s lawyer warned in court on Monday that if the jury awards them what they’re asking, it would “end” his client, calling the proposed damages “the civil equivalent of the death penalty.”

Giuliani hasn’t been doing himself any favors since the trial began. He spoke to reporters after the first day of proceedings wrapped on Monday, saying he doesn’t regret anything and that Moss and Freeman “were engaging in changing votes.” U.S. District Judge Beryl Howell, who is presiding over the case, said a day later that Giuliani’s comments may constitute further defamation against Moss and Freeman.


Giuliani not only dug his heels in on the false idea that Moss and Freeman were helping rig the election, he said he’d prove it when he took the stand. “When I testify, you’ll get the whole story and it will be definitely clear that what I said was true,” he said. “Everything I said about them was true.”

Giuliani decided on Thursday — for some strange reason — that he’d rather not take the stand and totally exonerate himself as he promised.

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