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Trump’s former attorney and current co-defendant has lost two of his Georgia lawyers in less than a week’s time

Rudy Giuliani has been dumped by yet another attorney. 

On Wednesday morning, Brian Tevis filed a motion to the Fulton County Superior Court to withdraw as counsel for the former mayor of New York City who is now an indicted co-defendant in Georgia’s election interference case against Donald Trump. 

Tevis had hinted shortly after Giuliani’s Georgia arraignment in August that he was unsure if he would continue to defend Giuliani throughout the entirety of his trial. In an interview with CNN, host Kaitlan Collins grilled Tevis on questions regarding Giuliani’s finances, and even asked if he was actually being paid. 

Last week, another one of Giuliani’s Georgia lawyers, David Wolfe, filed a notice to withdraw from the election conspiracy case.

While neither Wolfe nor Tevis has given a concrete reason for their departure, another group of attorneys who previously worked with Giuliani have made their gripes with him quite plain: He owes them lots of money. 


In September, Giuliani was sued by the law firm Davidoff Hutcher & Citron LLP and attorney Robert J. Costello for almost $1.4 million worth of unpaid legal bills. The lawsuit alleged that Giuliani had been given $1,574,196 worth of services but had “paid only $214,000 of the total bill leaving a total of $1,360,196.10 outstanding,”

A spokesperson for Giuliani did not immediately reply to a request for comment from Rolling Stone.

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