Sarkodie Finally Admits He Is Stingy As He Begs To Join ‘Stingy Men Association’ On Social Media


Iconic African rapper of Ghanaian origin, Sarkodie has often been labeled as a stingy person. In fact, this has been the main tool his detractors use to antagonize him, and most of the time, he comes out to clear the misconception.

But it seems the rapper has come to accept the fact that he can’t change people’s opinion about him as he shared a funny response to the trending Stingy Men Association card that has taken over the internet.

The ‘Highest’ album coiner expressed his disappointment in the members of the social media association, Stingy Men Association for not getting him a card before anyone else since he’s the overall boss in his own right.

On Sark’s Twitter timeline, he wrote; “What sort of disrespect is this … been seeing a lot of you guys getting this card before me like how ?”


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