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Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Declares Hes Proud Trump

Kennedy refused to criticize the former president during a town hall on Wednesday

Fresh off hosting his league of health misinformation superstars, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. dropped by NewsNation’s town hall Wednesday night and refused to criticize former President Trump.

When asked by moderator Elizabeth Vargas what he thought about the first president to become indicted, arrested, and arraigned, Kennedy said: “I’m not going to attack other people personally.”

He added, “I’m proud that President Trump likes me.”

Not one to alienate potential 2024 voters, Kennedy also said he “likes” President Joe Biden, but insisted he wouldn’t hesitate to disagree with him on policy decisions. When asked whether he will “pledge to support whoever the Democratic nominee is,” Kennedy responded, “Oh, of course I’m not gonna do that.”

My “plan is to win this election and I don’t have a Plan B,” Kennedy said.


During a roundtable discussion on Tuesday aired on Rumble, a video streaming site favored by far-right extremists and conspiracy theorists, Kennedy falsely suggested that millions of deaths in the Great Influenza (or “Spanish flu”) epidemic of 1918 could be attributed to vaccine experiments.

As previously reported by Rolling Stone, Kennedy’s bid is backed in support from Donald Trump’s allies in MAGA World, conservative media, and some of the Republican-donor elite. Broadly, they’re hoping the Democrat will weaken Biden in the primary, hurting his chances against Trump — or whichever candidate emerges from the GOP primary.

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