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Donald Trump hasn’t been mounting much of a defense in the defamation and battery case E. Jean Carroll brought against the former president. In fact, his lawyers told the court earlier this week they wouldn’t be presenting any defense at all, and that Trump would not be appearing at the trail, during which Carroll has already given powerful testimony about Trump allegedly raping her in a department store dressing room nearly 30 years ago.

Trump did, however, deliver a deposition. The former president’s testimony has already been made public, but the court on Friday released video of his responses to questions from Carroll’s lawyers.

The video, which lasts 48 minutes, depicts a perturbed Trump dismissing Carroll and her allegations against him. In one clip, he implies Carroll loved being sexually assaulted by him, misrepresenting comments she made to Anderson Cooper during a 2019 interview.

“Did she say in that interview that she loved being sexually assaulted by you?” Trump is asked.

“Well, she said something to that effect,” Trump replied. “I believe she said rape was sexy.”

Trump has denied he raped Carroll, claiming on multiple occasions that she is not his “type.” Meanwhile, he mistook Carroll for his second wife, Marla Maples.

Trump also addressed the Access Hollywood tape that leaked ahead of the 2016 election. Trump is read what he said on the tape, including his comment that “when you’re a star” you “can grab them by the pussy, you can do anything.”

“Historically that’s true with stars,” Trump responds.

“It’s true that they can grab women by the pussy?”

“If you look over the last million years, I guess that’s been largely true — not always, but largely,” Trump says. “Unfortunately or fortunately.”


Trump’s lawyer may have told Judge Lewis Kaplan that he wouldn’t be appearing in court, but Trump insisted to reporters overseas on Thursday that he would “probably” attend the trial. “I’m going to go back, and I’m going to confront her because look, this woman is a disgrace and it shouldn’t be allowed to happen in our country,” he said.

Trump lawyer Joe Tacopina reportedly said “no” when asked if Trump would indeed be doing this. “I know you understand what I’m dealing with,” he explained to Judge Kaplan during a sidebar conservation on Thursday.

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