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Tyler Labine says he’s recovering and doing OK after a multi-day hospital stay for a “potentially fatal blood clot.”

The New Amsterdam star posted about his medical emergency on Instagram, with a video capturing him at various stages of his treatment, including being admitted to a California hospital. Labine shared that the incident took place recently and over a series of days after he initially believed he had a simple stomach ache.

“Sometimes it’s a Tuesday and you’re walking around with a tummy ache so you try to sleep it off. Then sometimes you wake up on a weds with a stomach ache so bad you decide to go to the ER at your local hospital,” he wrote.

The actor went on to reveal that while being evaluated in the emergency room, he learned that what he thought was merely a stomach ache was actually a “potentially fatal blood clot in your intestines and liver.” As a result of the diagnosis, Labine spent three days in the hospital being treated and “trying not to die.”

The ordeal, Labine said, has made him take some time to self-reflect. But he assured his fans that he’s “doing alright” amid a “slow recovery.”

“I’m here with my family supporting me and my lovely girlfriend Martha taking care of me,” the New Amsterdam actor said in his post. “Im counting my blessings and just possibly reassessing what’s really important to me in this life.”

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