In recent times, Nigeria has been rife with reports that the incumbent President of Nigeria, Muhammadu Buhari is only an imposter posing as the president. According to these escalating report, the real Buhari has been dead since 2017, and his imposter who has since taken on the affairs of the country is a clone who was replaced with a body double named Jubril Al-Sudani from Sudan.
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  1. If Buhari is alive, let him come out and show himself to the world with evidence. At least he's not deaf nor blind. If he's alive, no need for anyone to speak for him….

  2. Yes buhari is died since 2017. Our southerners leaders are deceive themselves, and is a shameful to southern leader, politician's and governors just bcus of money. It was Tinubi, Oshoimole, Rocha's and Rotimi Ameachi who brought late buhari in to power but they are regretting.

  3. Please my Nigerian people believe this guy is telling the whole truth no buhari in this world buhari is not a life

  4. God will help us in this Nigeria but if this issue later turn to real the world will hate nigerian leaders for live, pls let confirm very well oh bcos am speechless right here in nigeria

  5. It's very silly for anyone to interpret dat Aisha's statement about her husband's government being hijacked by some people as meaning dat Booharry was dead! Haba! Can't people hijack government from a brain dead,and walking corpse which Booharry was den? Pls leave dat out.its completely irrelevant!

  6. Those detractors thinks they know better than other Nigerians . Their deveilish act is now esposed to the whole world.Leave them to the of cama.

  7. I read the condolence message of Queen Elisabeth to Mr buhari's family and Nigerians when Mr KANU said it 2017, alot of condolences from some political leaders all over the world were on Google. But few days ago, I went to rechecked on Google, all the condolences messenges and pictures of the burial ceremonies, to my greatest suprised all had vanished… Something is fishing and something is wrong elsewhere. I believed Mr KANU….. Because I read all the condolences immediately after listening to Mr KANU and he even said check them out on Google which I did. … Now who and who removed all the evidence from Google?

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