[VIDEO] Aso Rock On Fire – Buhari Government Is A Tyrant And A Wicked Government – A Prophet Lament

Aso Rock On Fire - Buhari Government Is A Tyrant And A Wicked Government - A Prophet Lament

Aso Rock On Fire – Buhari Government Is A Tyrant And A Wicked Government – A Prophet Lament. I sincerely believe you will be entertained, informed, inspired and captivated with this channel. Please subscribe to my channel for more videos. We publish new videos every day.

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  1. God Bless you my brother, for this message, look Nigerian have eye, have head, brain and every sensory organs but can not make use of them. is it not a curse that.up-til now the south-south don't have an idea what is going on in Nigeria the secret agenda of the Fulani people. we need to team up and end this unprofitable one Nigeria now, Fashion is not a cloth. Fulani is fulani they believe in killing the people of different faith especially Christian. and Christian value life because it is the greatest gift of all time from God, so there is no way we and them can live together one. let us go our different way and have peace and freedom.

  2. Every body in Nigeria and the whole world knows that buhari is the main sponsor of Boko harams is not that people doesn't know what to do but is that guns is in the hands of buhari people. Buhari is a monster

  3. This guy is telling the truth if nigerian like let their eyes open, our peoples are blind very very blind, some people know while some dont know but me an my wise Ones knows for long. Naija open ur eyes pls luv u all

  4. Man u are saying the truth,south is fucking up, no coperation We don't suport our sef, look out how hausa is coparating, ok according to the video i just watch and hear that buhari Is trying to come again 2023, jesus this politicians are using us, can u imagin, after all this sheet this man is doing chai nigeria is in trouble, pls let devide this country biafra need to go pls, this buhari government is very very wicked, biafra must go

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