This video talked about how The Muslim Solidarity Forum has called on the Bishop of Sokoto Diocese, Bishiop Mathew Kukah to tender unreserved apology to the entire Muslim Ummah over his recent “malicious comments” against Islam.
Addressing a press conference on Tuesday, the acting chairman of the forum, Professor Isa Muhammad Maishanu maintained that Kukah’s statements were capable of breaking the age-long peaceful coexistence among religious faithful in the country.

“Our intention at Muslim Solidarity Forum is not to hold brief for the President, as he has those who are paid to do that; rather our concern is the image and reputation of Muslims, which Mr. Kukah finds pleasure in attacking without an iota of caution, and by referring to him as a Muslim, that automatically brings all Muslims in the issue.

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  1. That goes to show how irresponsible and senseless they are to say they are accommodating one of their own. Their religious intolerance is their big problem. If he doesn't apologise, let us see what happens. They are asking for war.

  2. All Nigerians must rise and rally round Bishop Kukah, nothing must happen to him, he needs the support of all of us. This is yet another time that this President Buhari must come out to the open and address a live press conference over this very sensitive issue.

  3. There is nothing we can't see from this group of confused group. What did the Bishop did or say?. Does it mean church leaders can't talk anymore?. Na what oo.

  4. Don't dear apologize to any body if it takes you to live do it that what makes you a man,has Buhari apologize to Nigerians for the killing of innocent people, make una go site down fake Sokoto people.

  5. The world prefers darkness instead of light, sycophants and praise singers instead of real friends and prophets who will tell you the real truth that will set you free.
    That's why they go about burning churches in the north open the borders for the whole jihadists on west Africa to come in and help them in their islamisation and fulanisation agenda.

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