[VIDEO] Buhari Place Travel Ban On Donald Trump | Bobrisky X Davido Idowest

Buhari Place Travel Ban On Donald Trump | Bobrisky X Davido Idowest

Buhari Place Travel Ban On Donald Trump | Bobrisky X Davido Idowest #davido #bobrisky #buhari

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  1. Adams i cant believe you cant pronounce Ecclesiastes .you know go children department for church or are you a muslim ? Anyways, keep doing great ! . Love from SA

  2. it's true my brother is about time African countries should be raising their voices bcus if this happens in Africa or anywhere in 3rd world countries America will be the first country to talking nonsense

  3. There is nothing wrong in a lady washing ur cloth if she wash her own she will neva leave urs behind and i even love washing my cloth myself becos to me nobody will wash my cloth bether than me

  4. You don buy new car? D Boy Girl Na Big Fool,, But Are looking good, Just to cook is very OK, Na when I marry I will do Dat one. God bless our Country

  5. What the hell are you talking about today!. Face it Adam, no woman is picking up men like that, that's not how women do it. it's men picking up men. Next time, make sure you look at the driver if he's not dressed as a woman….bobirisky, he's shagging men….rich men

  6. And you must be very stupid by calling him ( her) because you no who he is very well… so you're an Idiot for always using her on him… is only you that's always confuse about him…BornFool.

  7. The Laughing leaving that you guys have because of your government the left Nigeria people live in Europe on America have you tasted cool or snow if you have never tasted. Don't talk. Nigeria is hard Nigeria weather is very very good no other country when is most better than Nigeria for the government is very bad Nigeria

  8. Even though government of Nigeria speak about Donald Trump is yours is just useless Nigeria that can not obey the law do you want me to speak about usa

  9. My brother bobrisky is not right before you get married to a woman you have to know everything about her sorry but bobrisky he's not human is the devil all Lucifer

  10. You think Trumpet will come to Nigeria after he call the place shit hole country? Your ban wont matter so just safe yourself the trouble muric or whatever u call it

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