[VIDEO] Buhari Slams OBJ, GEJ, Soyinka: "Stop Politicizing Everything!"

Buhari Slams OBJ, GEJ, Soyinka: "Stop Politicizing Everything!"

President Muhammadu Buhari has stated that those who have criticized his security performance have “isolated incidents” in assessing the administration’s performance and are politicizing the issue. The President argued that insecurity was a global issue, with governments seeking measures to address the new dimensions to insurgency, kidnapping and banditry. My question is how exactly have the critics done this? I mean no one has named any party, have they?
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  1. Buhari have dementia/Alzheimer's as a result he don't understand what's going on in Nigeria. Buhari government is in 360 degree fiasco.

  2. Nigerians are no longer expecting anything good from apc's government. Nigeria is a failed state, world capital of poverty. It's our leaders who are unpatriotic.

  3. Commentators vehemently argues that Government and Ministers are far removed from the HEARTBEAT of what average Nigerians are going through on a daily basis.
    It's shameful to hear that communities are inflicted by arms banditrys, kidnappers, invasion of herdsmens on farmers, on their lands running rings around Nigerians & the security forces with impunity, unchecked. Accusations that such activities are politicising isolated issues and incidents is unfair and unjust. It challenges the INTEGRITY of families losing LOVED ones, dying on a daily basis in Nigeria. Its sends a signal that Nigerians as a Sovereign nation must continue acceptance of IMPOSITION, Docility rather than that of Power, Strength, Political dynamism & Clout.

  4. Let us stop Fooling ourselves, madam presenter, you said (WATCH): Buhari Slams OBJ, GEJ, Soyinka: "Stop Politicizing Everything!" Now, according to your video, your Buhari is nowhere to be found in the video, it is shamefull, you people are trying to reconstruct the DEAD Nigeria.

  5. Buhari and his team are liars.. A president that replies every statement. Can they criticise you like Trump? Empty barrels.. Buhari is clueless. He needs help but pride wouldn't let him.

  6. You're are very correct. When the so-called elites are dealt with,we observe 3min silence. There is no architecture anywhere. They only go for rigmarole. When the wicked is in power,the people suffer.. NEXT LEVEL!!
    They will be at that airport road for appropriate remittance.
    Oga God will bless you for the truth you blew up. For years my own Dad is being owed after 35years… Demons in power.

  7. Buhari, why now you are speaking out after all your nonchalant attitude and deliberate silence over kidnapping, killings and ransom taking. We voted Buhari in for the office in 2015 believing he would rescue us from past bad experiences considering his age and previous service to the country. He came to power as we believed he would fight corruption and make life easier for us but sadly his administration is the worst yet in Nigeria.. Buhari is stubborn, clueless, loveless, carefree and full of nepotism. If he is feeling the heat of criticism, he should just step down and go back to where he belongs. Enough is enough. It is real to us now that he is incapable of handling the security of Nigeria. Buhari is intending genocide for this country. Please go away

  8. By posterity, Buhari will either be remembered for genocide and curses or praise and thanking. The choice remains with him. Enough of the appealing madam. We need adequate lasting action and solutions. Words are cheap. This administration is a total failure.

  9. Your government understood very well what is happening. Arguement is buying time while the herdsmen are being prepared to come after you even in a more harder way.
    Stop sleeping , wake up and guard yourselves.

  10. Apart of nigeria Armey buhari is useing to kill nigerias he has no poqerv and KNOWLEDGE atall God nuat reart immediate to nigeria problem becouse those that qarship him is still there so let no body paneck fir that rhe of our problem is at hand God must win devil

  11. Shut up is it Christianity that's causing terrorism,you know nothing about Jehovah God,He is a
    God of Mercy but also a God of Vengeance maybe you have not tried a true Christian ask those who have if you can find them they have received a baptism of Vengeance.It is that root of idolatry that has kept Africa for so in turmoil und ugliness.Idolatry is a curse for the idols of this world are no god's,the can neither do evil no is it in them to do good.Fear is what creates evil occurrences many times.Fear not says the Word of God

  12. Too much book and Christianity has made the people of West, South and East of Nigeria very docile, they like to speak grammar and shout Halleluyah….. by the time you are done talking, analysing and proving how intellectual you are on media, the Fulani would have had your land, rape your women and annihilate your men. 4 years of Buhari rule, more of our people has died as if we are in war and all we keep hearing from our men who are suppose to protect us is ‘president do something’…. so by now it has not occur to you all that there is know president in Nigeria? Nonsense!

  13. Take a look at is Regina take a look at what is going on people are not happy people I don't satisfyingHow many people are we going to sit back I'm Wallace this president kill you have to step that Mr. President you have no choice we votes you in you and us doing a good job we must impeach you so that's OK half peace in Nigeria D world leaders they are all watching Nigeria what you are doing is not right so we want you to step aside so can have a straight forward election I'm sorry there's a surprise impingement election in Benin city addo the king of dineen is not infirm yet gradually hes going to being from all the kings in and Julian's the are going to take a look at president mohammadu Bari ReginaTo say how he has behave and we are going to votes the king are going to vote they have power to impeach him and the senators has poetry and pinch president will have audible Harry so in the president did not win devote he must step aside so peace will reign in Nigeria if the president did not win devote with put you there and we can impeach you there's impingement the can take you out if you feel are if they win devotes if the kings and votes and you lose you must step aside Jess no violence evolve is peaceful but if you if you lose and you refuse to step aside we are going to says all your bank account home and abroad we have the power we know where all your money is we know where are your bank account is make all the king most votes find pinch ment election shouldn't kiss you don't know what impeachment election is is it can't vote you out at any time if you do something wrongHopefully is gonna go peacefully we don't need no fight A-war impeachment means if you lose devote you have to step aside and if you Wayne good luck thank you may God-bless Nigeria this message is sent by the builder near African club

  14. Non of the analyst or journalist is asking Buhari to resign because we think its a no go area.things that have not happen in Nigeria are already happening so president and governors resigning might also be one of them

  15. How many Fulani Herdsmen have been arrested? How many others that are not Fulanis have been arrested or are in detention for offences much less than what the Fulani Herdsmen have done so far. We used to say the president is clueless. No he has an agenda which is share evil. We shall see how this unfolds.

  16. 19th July 2019
    Olaleye Aluko, Abuja
    Boko Haram fighters struck on Maiduguri-Damaturu Road near Jakana community in Borno State, on Wednesday evening, shooting dead a colonel, a captain, four soldiers and a villager.
    Our correspondent gathered that the terrorists at about 6.30pm, waylaid some commercial vehicles along the road near a military checkpoint and using them as a cover to open fire on the soldiers.
    A villager was killed in the gunfire while two others were injured; five soldiers said to be at the checkpoint also died while trying to repel the terrorists’ attack…

  17. Nigeria Christians need to ask them self some questions, Since IBB Abacha, Yah Adua government we have been complaining of Islamization now is Buhari again.
    But when Obasanjo and Jonathan was in government the Muslims are not Crying of Christimization, and up to moment Nigeria has never become Muslim nation, is like we Christians need to be more reasonable. Nigeria need unity peace and love.
    This is God intention for all nations
    The Church leaders worsting the situation, playing politics in the house of God

  18. Why did you mumu Nigerians vote for Buhari again? You have yourselves to blame for whatever befalls you

  19. I just subscribed. The anchor lady is very intelligent, knowledgeable, and professional.

    As per the discussion, please the President should know that this is not a time for blame game Or face saving tactics. We need action and a genuine effort to tackle the security issues in Nigeria. Ginger up, liaise with, and support all the security apparatus both formal and informal, local and international and put them to work to help these helpless and downtrodden Nigerians.

  20. This man sounds like a charlatan… his analysis of the situation is hollow. Too much emphasis but little substance.

  21. This man is speaking rightly, but you know what, this Mr. President does not have the love of the country /people of other tribes( Southerners) at heart apart from his people Fulani/Hausas and improving northern states is paramount in his heart at this his last government. So destroying southern states by all means is paramount in his heart/his cabals.
    This last year is years of last card to destroy Southerners.
    Well , this Government will not do any restructuring as this will not please the Northerners to makes Southern state to develop again .
    I saw where people of Delta where they were getting Oil ,how they were living,I cried as there was no single development in such place at all.
    In conclusion,the leaders of each state should be called to be accountable for their actions.
    I pray that their will not be war in Nigeria again.Amen.and Amen.

  22. All the nouther in high post and in all the 36 state the nouther in power in the police in the army in the oil refinery and custom office all from the nounther part.why are we just letting this to happen to Nigerians. Why .now fulanis are killing Nigerians and the FG and the president says is unknown fulanis. Look if the southerns don't wake up now and fight it out it will be too late.but i know we the southerns will fight it out this time.

  23. Buhari is having a hell of a time because some people just want him out at all cost. To achieve what? Nobody is going to sit down and let propagandists impose a useless man on them as president anymore.

  24. Whenever security becomes a problem for Western Countries, it is the virtual countries in places around the world especially in Africa that suffer the most as a result of their porous borders and the lack of the wherewithal to even contain it.



  27. Every right-thinking Nigerian would agree with me that Buhari is far worst than a cow and the worst head of state in the history of Nigeria.

  28. Buhari and his Fulani security chiefs are the ones behind the security challenges in the country. Let's not keep deceiving ourselves, Buhari and his Fulani cohorts has an evil agenda to frustrate and probably eliminate a large number of other ethnic groups in Nigeria so that the Fulanis will be everywhere. OBJ said it before that that cow called Buhari has an agenda to Islamize and Fulanise the country.

  29. So they should militise it i suppose. You want to use the military to achieve your RUGA plan right? It will not work.

  30. Buhari is a failure and fool, coz of his lack of competence. He has got time reply OBJ, Prof Soyinka and Jonathan but he has not got time to find solutions to national problems…

  31. God bless you my sweet lovely and beautiful sister! thank you for speaking the truth, and going directly to the point. You are the best .

  32. God bless you my sweet lovely and beautiful sister! thank you for speaking the truth, and going directly to the point. You are the best .

  33. Nigeria's plz stop believing all this old leaders analogy brains we need revolution we can never have peace in Nigeria if all this old fools caword are still ruling Nigeria Nigeria's wake up

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