[VIDEO] Buhari’s Speech Fails to Address #LekkiShootings – Trending W/Ojy Okpe

Buhari’s Speech Fails to Address #LekkiShootings - Trending W/Ojy Okpe

President’s Speech: Buhari Fails To Address #LekkiShootings, He accused #ENDSARS protesters of being behind the looting and killings in the country in recent days. Lagos Residents Invade Warehouse, Cart away with #COVID19Palliatives. #Nigerians In #SouthAfrica March to the Embassy In Pretoria, Force Ambassador To Sign Memorandum Of Understanding With #EndSARS Protesters.

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  1. The president of Nigeria priorities Oba of Lagos palace raid over 75 protesters killed by the army???
    Wow!!!!!! Buhari is only a father to his biological children..
    A normal and caring President will declare a day of mourning and a minute silence for the youths massacre by his soldiers… Buhari’s a failure!!! All he talked about was country economy!!!!

  2. If you all accept this voice as Buhari then you all know what is going on and you pretend like you don't know because of your paycheck just the way the looters behavior

  3. These ladies need to go for further training on journalism training. Your Job as journalist is to give the public fair and balance information and allow the public you serve to decide themselves and not for you ladies to be taking side… understand your call of duty ladies and practice according to your professional code of ethics.

  4. This man is just saying nonsense
    How can you store something for the whole states when the other states already have theirs
    This is bad

  5. Yes I think Nigerians have made a big mistake by making buhari president if he can do what he did to his first wife and children then tell me who will he have pity on go and check about his first wife and children

  6. I don't usually participate in commentary but here goes. As much as I appreciate the diverse points of view of arise news, I have to say that Dr Abati is a consistent apologist for the government. Maybe due to his past professional experience with that office. How is it that the president is the most articulate person behind closed doors (allegedly), but when he comes out to speak for himself, he is the most aloof and tone deaf person on earth. Let us be clear, if slaughtering has been consistent in the northeast and southeast and he had been mute (or consistently offering meaningless promises on solutions) on them for years, what makes anyone think he's coming out to empathise with anyone. It's time for new parties with well-intentioned youthful citizens to emerge, mobilise and put these misguided recycled political generation into a museum where they belong.

  7. That speech is more like a political campaign, the president disappointed me because he never cares about the killing of innocent protesters. It shows clearly that he ordered the killings just to show that he is not weak. Shame shame on you. It’s game over

  8. Upset beyond words bout his speech, no consoling words nothing useful to take home, this is what we get from one with a military background, its as if we're back to military rule. And blaming the protesters as if they were the ones that shot their comrades this man should just hide his head in shame, he has forgotten that he's not a life time president and even if he is karma will surely locate each and everyone who had a hand in that awful #blacktuesday.

    If only that staff could bring the dead back I would be first in line to return it back.

    @Arisetv you people always amaze entertain and educate me,blessings on you all.

  9. When will our president start talking to us, not reading to us? Is he without brain. Even a child can talk, don't he think? I still maintain that the man in Aso Rock has dementia. He can prove me wrong by making a speech not reading from paper!!!!

  10. Most people may say Mr Abati's part of false "nigeria's" problems, often excuses failed government with Endless lies, empty excuses & claims etc. Evils against Innocent defenceless PEOPLES nationwide. Unable to see the severe damages done to helpless public. Dismantle fake "nigeria" NOW and save lives*.

  11. The president speech was drafted by aboki na, who's only loyal to Buhari to the feeling of Nigeria.
    Buhari in turn, didn't he read the speech before coming life abi he's just daft!??

  12. If your so called Buhari is not stupid why don't he call those protesters to order and adresse them? He was looking for their leaders so he could bribe or arrest them as usual foolish and wicked old man

  13. The Nigerian state has no legitimacy left. President Buhari has no business being president of anything. The man is inept and grossly incompetent.

  14. Please can the Nigerian military tell us what cyber crimes the operation python dance 6 identified or stopped cos it's clear that the only thingsthingswere stopped are the lives, dreams, hopes and aspirations of the youth that have been killed…That guy Buratai should be ashamed of himself cos all he knows how to do is to come up with crappy names; python dance, crocodile smile…Only God knows what other name he'll come up with…Buratai you're not the head of the army just to coin stupid slogans aimed at killing Nigerians…why don't you come up with one to actually stop Boko Haram…Moronic Buratai

  15. Nigerians should pay visit to all warehouses in their various states especially northern states. There are more palliative to benefit from. Be careful though and confirm it either belongs to govt or politicians.

  16. So, Our leaders get their speeches written but don’t g thhdroqughh it before the air it.What if the speech writer had written that, it was his intention to kill Nigerians, that’s what he would have read?Nothing actually stops him fro mentioning Lekki shooting atleast a lip service if indeed he had the intention

  17. Ruben, you are an hypocrite, why are you downplaying the act of wickedness by the governors. People are dying everyday, what are you paving way for? Or whose interest are you representing?

  18. These palliative could have been sold back to the poor to recover the monetary equivalent of it or better still shared by these selfish, bigoted and unscrupulous leaders we have .They were meant for the lockdown period why are they still undistributed till now. God works in mysterious ways……

  19. Buhari is the most heartless president in nigeria history.
    I heard the operation crocodile will go ahead despite the on going protest. This man has false confidence, he think he can go free if he massacre the protesters again . The youth are waiting for the army. They may have quell the protesters in the north but cant repeat it in the south.

  20. Watching this candle light for the departed brought tears to my eyes wen they sung the Nigeria anthem, I pray Nigeria regains his place , so we can be the great nation we are suppose to be , thank God the youth are waking up

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  22. Abati is always lopsided… So i am less surprised at his reservations.
    We are talking about the president failing to address German issues but abati is here trying to divert the blame; we dont care what buhari said before or what osibanjo said before or what Sunday dare said…. We want the president to always at all times speak to the issues on ground irrespective of who writes for him or what they failed to write for him!
    Can't we justt have a president that can speak to the people without haven to read from papers?

  23. Is this DEMOCRACY? This is a MILITARY JUNTA. What does Buhari know about DEMOCRACY? He called past leaders for advice. Is this the way forward? Food for people is kept in warehouses and not shared to poor people. Are we slaves? GOD is watching. KARMA will take it’s course.

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