[VIDEO] Finally, UK Sanction Coming for Buhari and his Murderous Gang

Finally, UK Sanction Coming for Buhari and his Murderous Gang

UK Parliament asks Government to Sanction Nigeria Government’s agents over #EndSARS, #ObigboMassacre and #LekkiMassacre – ordered investigation

More CNN reports after CCTV footage released by LCC (Lekki Concession Company)

Did Gowon Steal Half of CBN when Overthrown? Something about Alpha Beta of Tinubu and fraudulent transactions

The Senator that exposed the government’s secret plot freeing terrorists has been arrested and detained by court for standing surety for fugitive Maina

Ibadan boils as custom shot and killed a bike man in Agodi

Maiyegun General .

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  1. Buhari putting Nigeria into recession and yet trying to make railway line to Niger Republic. What arrant Nonsense. That is shameful betrayal of Buhari on Nigerian citizens. I curse the day Buhari came to power as a democratic president. Buhari's time is up. Enough is now enough.

  2. We need to have the links to all and any petitions publicized so that we all know. Every platforms needs carrying the links information of any current petition(s).

  3. They Must Be Prosecuted! Yes, Thay Can’t Go Free From All These Their recent Crimes ! Relishing Criminals In Some Part Of The Country They Called Their Sides, & Killing Peace Makers In The Other Side, ? And Calling It The same Same Country?

  4. U.K. Government are all "Worthless Piece of Trash"! British, do not have "Clear Conscience" for supporting hausas/fulanis that are corrupt, criminals, looters, kidnappers, killers. These idiots has turned Nigeria into the Poverty Capital of the world. It seems to me that U.K. are getting kick-back from all the loots of Nigeria leaders.

  5. Maiyegun am enjoying your problem, keep it up, Nigeria government are terrorists, now EndSarsnow has exposed them, they will all go to jail soon

  6. All military regime who overthrew democratically elected leaders should also face ICC. They still have their hands in govt.

  7. UK politicians allow political leaders in Nigeria to steal from the people, while the people who should be considered assets of Nigeria are impoverished.
    UK must allow and stand by the people to draft a new constitution which supports regional autonomy but keep Nigeria as one. In the case of eventual breakup which UK fears, the components still remain English speaking, with British alliance. UK may lose out if it looked on, in the midst of impunity by this military regime in civil regalia, whereby help comes from other countries.

  8. Buhari is frail in health, that's why Nigeria is being ruled by Fulani cabal using military and other security to protect presidency.

  9. Maiyegun Gowon was guilty of Civil war Genocide but the honest truth he did not steal money my late Father worked in Dodan Barracks at the time, Back then leaders were more honest his house were built by friends he gave contracts while in office.

  10. Gowon was a puppet, he went to war because of pressure from he British, Eastern Nigeria at the time he had 70% of Nigerian oil, so there was no way they were going to let Biafra separate.

  11. Maiyegun, may the Almighty good God never forsake you, may he continue to bless and prosper you. No arrow ➡ of the enemy shall come close to you by day or night. May you live long. You are really a detribalised man. Amen

  12. Peter Obi, it seems that you do not know the difference between recession and depression. The realty, is that in Nigeria, the course of natural events has been hampered severely. The resultant effects are "FAILURES, WILD CONFUSION and COLLAPSE". This is what people are experiencing in Nigeria today!

  13. I think signing any petition wouldn't bring a change we're seeking for. This people we're signing petition to are also part of the problem of Nigeria. I urge everyone both the south and the north should come together and fight this cruel people in power

  14. Dele Moumodu just made a mockery of himself by raising his profile after interviewing Mazi Kanu, and FFK, and going to Obigbo to perform janjaweed journalism. Premium Times just destroyed his credibility.

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