[VIDEO] Former President Jonathan Briefs President Buhari On Mission To Mali

Former President Jonathan Briefs President Buhari On Mission To Mali

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  1. Remember your own country Nigeria that BUHARI is controlling is not in peace and your making peace in Mali ,,their must be perfect peace in Mali but don't forget no Biafra no peace for Nigeria please tell BUHARI to free Biafra for freedom is what God permit.that why he came down and take the his people out of slavery to promise land exodus 3 read it and see for yourself

  2. Is ECOWAS blind to see all the killings in Nigeria. What leadership or influence can Nigeria have over Mali, when worst is happening here

  3. Former President Jonathan Briefs President Buhari On Mission To Mali….Channels Television. Here you showed Good Luck Jonathan but NO BUHARI. What sort of Journalism is Channels Television projecting to Nigerians. You Channels Television, heaven will not fall if you show us Buhari. Since the past 6 months, those at Channels Television have work tirelessly to obscure the man Buhari and made it their mission to to screen Buhari out of every news clip he as a matter of fact should have been in. Again, again and again, Nigerians show lack of Intelligence to call off these insult upon insult.

  4. Nigerians that man is not buhari , so obvious than ever, main buhari is dead , please let's come out n rescue this country

  5. It beats me when Nigeria want to fix problems encountered by other countries when Nigeria herself is a failed nation languishing in poverty and insecurity

  6. Jonathan has being the out speak of the country …while we have an sufficient president who can't mend his own country but to analysis Mali for better ……zero government

  7. The security problem in Nigeria is far bigger than the one in Mali yet… you guy are going for peace bargain crazy

  8. Former president Sent to Mali for peace talk…REALLY….While the worst is taking place in Nigeria day after day….

  9. Do you see how GJ is briefing the press which your so called demented president Buhari can not do and every one of you feels so comfortable about it. Mail demonstrating but Nigeria people can not demonstrate and they are been killed every day. Nigerians wake up enough is enough.

  10. Why can't this man come out openly and tells foreigners to tells Nigeria to let Biafra go, he went to other countries to make peace while his own is on fire,imaging

  11. Hoping to see the so called president of Nigeria jubril/buhari,to address the Nigerians the way Jonathan is doing now…..

  12. What did buhari go to Mali to a man who could not put his house in order Nigeria people are looking when buhari is destroying the country

  13. Hahahaha
    Laugh well o
    They thought the governance is easy. I never forget; you clearly told them then that fighting corruption and other things is not left for the government alone. But Saraki, Atiku and others thought you're deceiving them. Lolz. I laugh because they know more better today.

  14. Was Buhari not among the body that went to Mali. Buhari should be the one addressing Nigerians about his mission. What they went to Mali to do, Nigeria has more problem than that. Why is Goodluck covering up for Buhari. I can smell a rat. Nigeria does not have three arms of government but only the Cabal that runs the government. These people are jokers.

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