[VIDEO] Good Morning Nigeria | 3 November 2020 | NTA

Good Morning Nigeria | 3 November 2020 | NTA

Live News Broadcast from Nigerian Television Authority.
Abuja, Nigeria

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  1. We must not allow the protestors n hoodlums take over the running of security of our Nation due to bigotry sentimental protest that began peacefully n ended violently making the police n law enforcement agency as scapegoat We must continue to give succour to our policemen n women boost their morale not be discouraged or demoralised as more than 200 police formation were destroyed by these hoodlums we are fully behind our police n the formation of the new Swat to replace sars as a step in the right direction

  2. Thank you for the details on the rescue. Still in the USA the timing of the rescue and the use of Seal Team 6 is general seems as dubious due to the proximity to the election. In any case thank you for sharing the details which were not as clearly communicated in the USA

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