[VIDEO] Kankara Abduction: President Buhari Meets Freed School Boys

Kankara Abduction: President Buhari Meets Freed School Boys

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  1. This govt really thinks we are fools..How were they rescued this is just a deliberate stunt to make us forget the slain farmers and the lekki massacre..

  2. Wht a shame it is obvious dat dis buhari regime av a path wt d boko haram nd bandits…u politicians can nt fool Nigerians any more! Enough of all dis stage drama!

  3. Where is the footage of rescue operation? Buhari is using Hausa/Fulani language to address general public and English speaking students. Can Buhari speaks Ibo or Yoruba ? This shows we have many nations within 'Nigeria'. One of the reasons 'Nigeria' is not working for good.

  4. The future of those boys lies not in English but in technology, alright? So they will study that technology in Hausa? Hypocritical pick and drop kidnap!

  5. Abegi, are secondary school students in Northern Nigeria not taught in English? Each time kidnapped students are returned (Chibok, Dapchi and Kankara). they only seem to speak and are spoken to in Hausa. Hopefully, they are able to teach STEM subjects in Hausa.

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