[VIDEO] Niger Oil Deal – What Buhari Government Is Hiding From Nigerians

Niger Oil Deal - What Buhari Government Is Hiding From Nigerians

This is what they are hiding from Nigerians
Fulani Government F.G Don’t Want You To See This.
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  1. Daft old men toying with the futures of your generation you all will not die you will stay and eat the fruits of your wicked labours

  2. You are a fool, the crude reserve in kano is been transported to Niger republic and refine in the refinary built by Nigeria money.

  3. Hmm…unless they're going into a trade by batter module. The last time i checked, Niger is owing Nigeria billions od naira for the light we distribute to them.

  4. The worst is that some of these leaders don't even understand the consequences of their action, Nigel republic is now the capital of Nigeria, to enjoy our resources while we are here languishing in hardship. God will judge them.

  5. Niger Republic is the poorest country in Africa, and in the world. When you post truth about this, they delete your comment. YouTube will be notified, to track the offenders. We are paying to use YouTube and should not be hindered. If they have nothing to hide, why delete comments?

  6. TRANS SAHARA GAS PIPELINE NETWORK, starting from Akwa Ibom and Sapele. Follow the PIPELINES, and the NETWORK DESTINATIONS around the world will shock you..

  7. The people of Nigeria are the majority… They should rise up now and rescue their country from the hands of their wicked leaders or else will lose it forever…the handwriting is on the wall for everyone to see

  8. If southerners, east still believe in this false story from this authentic layer this will clearly shows the level of illiteracy is very high in south and east , the question is where did Nigeria refine it oil since? Nigeria usually exports its crude oil to western countries and imports the refined oil at high cost , since nigeria refineries are not working, so the idea of buying from Niger is to reduced the cost of importation, you guys have to get some sense

  9. There is no comparison between north and south when it comes to sense, things that annoying me for southerners where is your sense how could you allowed yourself to look like fools how can this chinedu always playing with your Intelligence I thought you were well educated ,for a very long time Nigeria was buying refined oil from other country is not a new thing

  10. Chinedu all of you are talking rubbish, instead of all of us to come together and support MNK, you people are here speaking okpokpo!! Onyibo, O ga-eme anyi n' anya!! You think it's all about Sensitising the people, you cannot sensitise the people more than NNAMDI KANU, the man I love so much and will always support. Keep on complaining, all that is happening now, he had said them all. We Igbos are so wicked to ourselves. Nonsense!!

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