[VIDEO] Problem On Wizkid & Burna Boy Ginger Video | Buhari and Donald Trump

Problem On Wizkid & Burna Boy Ginger Video | Buhari and Donald Trump

Problem On Wizkid & Burna Boy Ginger Video | Buhari and Donald Trump #wizkid #burnaboy #donaldtrump

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  1. My brother Freewestdip U are wrong again you take person to correct what he or she have done not to deng him or she anything what about the person is 30years old he want to spend 30 years in jail U will expect him to lose everything in life that's make West world is better than African

  2. I don't think the video is not wack. The video just doesn't relate with the song and the video does not really have a vibe.

  3. Exactly my broda, the more you talk about this Administration the more they do the worst, everybody don tire. PDP should just continue Nigeria Leadership.

  4. When to big Artist get to work together they hardly get good work.
    You too you don't like WizKid and that is the reality.

  5. They couldn't do more than that in that video, is lock down did you forget, and also he did the video for those who understand and they understand,

  6. You guys are taking it all wrong, Trump is not a real Christian. These white pastors support him because he let them get away with some stuffs. The guy is so corrupt and full of mess. He hate Nigerians and also called Nigeria " Shit-hole Country". He runs US govt like a business venture.

  7. You want them to act movies for music videos abi or make girl naked dey dance if you don't have topic for today please shut up

  8. Adam you sound like you are not in this life, social distancing please. And please must video be loaded with some bullshit? Abeg if u don't have things to talk about you better go sleep

  9. You are very foolish for condemning that video. That video is dope!!! Wizkid's outfit alone is eye-catching. What do u expect?? A soft-porn?? If u expect the video to interpret the lyrics then u must be very daft and dumb. Listen to the lyrics. The lyrics was making a "supposedly"vulgar song sound nice . Abi u wan watch blue film?

  10. Trump is a pretend Christian and racist. What does Nigerians know about racism? How many Nigerians know what kkk means or know the history of been black in America? People talk about things they don't understand. Very annoying

  11. Adamslink you’re are a fool by saying bad things in this video
    The video is good and they like it .
    It’s true that you’re making your money here but is not good to say so

  12. Adams not Everytime you get what you expect, the video is class, oga na them choice, make you leave am make he spend he money the way he like abeg at list you know say na him money period

  13. I dey India like this " dey follow your YouTube channel but for this your world today" I much unsubscribe to your channel bye

    I have unsubscribe to YouTube channel because of the world you use on against my wizkid video

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