[VIDEO] Sallah: President Buhari Marks Eid Prayers At Home

Sallah: President Buhari Marks Eid Prayers At Home

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  1. See them wearing long white robe , looking clean but their heart is full of dead men bones. Woe to u scribes and pharisees . For u shall not ascape everlasting condemnation.. adulterous generations

  2. You better leave that seat, for the person that will rebuild the economy of nigeria because your old age didn’t allow you see all thieves around you, your government is getting bad every day, look at dollar rate today.

  3. That man is definitely NOT President Buhari! Buhari is much older, slimmer and darker in skin! Why would Garba Shehu be the one to tell the president how much time to spend talking??And why the hell would Garba Shehu tell the interviewer to stop, if not the fact that they don't want the "impostor" to continue talking off line!Sad to say the media including Channels TV know the conspiracy going on in Aso Rock, but they have been compromised! How can you have a President who cannot speak on burning national issues for 1 minute, yet have the time to hoop on a plane to another country to discuss their own issues! Something is definitely NOT right!!

  4. Channels TV….someone please name whoever is in charge right now…. in 2020… we will not forget… there is no hiding

  5. Buhari and his apc group didn"t allow christains to celebrat easter but now coro know dey again know social distance again

  6. God will not and do not play politics,, it is very clear that mr Buhari is not capable of leading over 200m people,, by his own actions that are hiding in plain sight,, the man is still in the 80s,, he lacks the ability and psychological prowess to lead

  7. If you born in Africa I as a muslim you are total Arab men only your colour exchange your mentality you are dressing your life if everything is Arab but Arab people they don't like us they think all black men go to hell but if you live in Africa you don't understand this until you travel in Arab country in Africa they tell us al Muslim ahu Muslim . Meaning Muslim your brother or your partner is Muslim . This word exist only in Africa

  8. Imagine this stupid man what is he saying that they have tried there best in security na god go punish you with your usless goverment

  9. Islam has played a significant role in destroying our culture, economic prosperity, safety, and sense of pluralism. We have forfeited so much of our culture to Islam that it's almost comedic how our lives revolve around Arabian culture.

    Muslims :

    Worship a god with Arabic names

    Have Arabic names ourselves

    Read the Quran, a book written in Arabic

    Believe that the Quran can only be understood in Arabic

    Pray 5 times a day in Arabic in the direction of Makkah, an Arabian city

    Get in the 'face-down-ass-up' position twice during every rakat as we whisper words in Arabic to ourselves

    Wear clothes that conform to Arabian standards

    Groom our bodies according to Arabian practices

    Get married according to Arabian customs

    Give our children Arabian names and teach them to repeat this cycle again

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  11. Did anyone notice the right ear of the (masked) Buhari bent like a rubber from the strings of the nose mask?
    No human ear can be like that, Have you heard about Silicone mask that's what is been worn by this imposter. They've created a lot of it, to continue to perpetrate their evil agenda. Channels TV a good name far better than gold and silver.
    Islamisation agenda can never be accomplished. Judgement has begun. Just sit back watch the event unfold.
    Glory to God in the Highest.

  12. Buhari yeye mumu alla let buhari die quick alla let's buhari die quick so that Nigeria will be at peace alla buhari yeye oo make his children yeye too alla let's fake buhari go back to Sudan very soon because buhari yeye too much

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