[VIDEO] What He Said About Buhari Atiku & Fr Mbaka Can Collapse Nigeria.

What He Said About Buhari Atiku & Fr Mbaka Can Collapse Nigeria.

He nailed Mbaka to the cross…
Took Buhari to cemetry for final burial…
And sent Atiku to the luandry to clean up his mess….
On a first sight, you may mistake him for a mad man, you will be totally wrong.
He is one uncommon political anaylst and forcaster you can’t find else where in Nigeria.
His views are on point, facts and figures, with super accuracy.

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  1. You are biased . YPP is not the only ideology as you have portrayed. AAC is the new trusted, realistic and attainable ideology. AAC all the way.

  2. When God want to pass useful messages to his people. He will never use our big men of God. He will definitely use a man like this guy. Million will ignore it but in the end the truth will prevail. To me I want NIGERIA to divide. Even if a young person enter into power this same cabals will do anything possible to destroy it. BUHARI put all Muslims in key positions. He took the highest army arms to north. Because he knows very soon the war will start. For now I support Biafra. Let divide this zooooo.

  3. Lol I’m not voting for Kingsley & I’m from imo state sir. Nice promo but it’s sowore all the way… let’s leave tribalism asides, sowore is super vibrant & his vision for Nigeria is likely to be met.

  4. that is the ture. Nigeria Apc, PDP, AAC, all part i all the same. you can be a Apc or PDP Or AAC, part is not the problem of Nigeria, is the leader that is the problem.

  5. Is a nice guy are like him for you wader braifa come all not come that is not my fault all are no is that is one Nigeria that Wath they call it thank you

  6. That's your problem, you people are capable and ready to believe even lunatics, if only their craze suits your selfish interests and wishful thinking. You people are really really amazing. Anyway, it's a free world, you can continue wailing and scraping for recognition "by all means possible "but I promise it not going to yield any positive results for you.

  7. All of them are the same…even the man your promoting is part of them…..what has he done to help nigerians….?

  8. Since atiku can not fixed the road that lead to his company he can not fixed the problem of Nigeria. That alone have disqualified him.

  9. I never believed that this man is a mad man until I get close to him the day I met him at Douglas road Hmmm this man really have something upstairs

  10. He man sounds nice in his saying: talking of Buhari, campaign for Buhari is like selling expired drugs n talking of Akiku : Atiku is too desperate for power that means he knows something in Aso rock as d former vice president which we Nigerians out here don't kno. Why not we try a different party with youthful age.

  11. Why is everyone saying this guy is mad.. I strongly hold that he has simply chosen a ghetto lifestyle based on the economic challenges. Like the presentater said there is a need to contact him so as to get him off that ghetto lifestyle and engage him in nation building…Nigerians come on… I wish I had the opportunity. I see virtue in him…please invest in him and you will never regret. God bless you.

  12. Mr chinedu I think you are also tribalistic in this issue, if you are really talking about new Ideology you should have included omoleye sowore intead of putting only mughalu k and please stop all this your biafra thing , even the igbos are divided, all we need is a new and fresh leader with the will of the people at heart. And please have in mind biafra will not happen or else you are ready to fight another war, without war, biafra is a dream.

  13. Its time we start taking mental health like physical health.. if someone is mentally sick people around should help take such a person to hospital and support them in every possible way to get over there infirmity .. Be your brothers keeper

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