Watch A Disturbing Video Of A Barely 3-Year-Old Girl Smoking & Drinking As Her Mother Rejoice




A disturbing video of a barely 3-year-old little girl smoking and drinking whiles her mother sits near her and rejoice has gone viral on social media.READ ALSO: “Chairman 123, ‘Didimebotom’ Friendship Be Friendship”- Rapper Okese1 Sends Out More Tweets To Medikal

The video shows how the mother handed over a ‘shisha’ pipe she was smoking to her little daughter sitting beside her to also smoke. After, the little girl took in some ‘puff’, she then gave her an alcoholic beverage she was drinking and gave it to the little girl of which she also took in some sip.

A lot of people who seems to be around were all happy with what the little girl was doing as most of them cheers her up.

Watch the video below,

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