Georgia GOP Leader Brian Pritchard Illegally Voted Nine Times

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Brian Pritchard, first vice chairman of the Georgia Republican Party, illegally voted nine times while on felony probation, a judge ruled Wednesday.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported Pritchard was found guilty Wednesday for violating Georgia election law by voting while serving a felony probation sentence, which is illegal in the state. The judge ruled that Pritchard must pay a $5,000 fine and be publicly reprimanded by the Georgia State Election Board for his actions. 

Pritchard had been sentenced in Pennsylvania to three years felony probation starting in 1996 for check forgery charges, but the probation had been revoked several times, first in 1999 after he moved to Georgia, then again in 2002 and 2004, according to The Washington Post. A new seven-year probation sentence was issued in 2004, during which period Pritchard signed new voter registration forms and voted in several elections. 

Pritchard argued in court that he thought his sentence ended in 1999, a claim he had posited in a 2022 post on his website, 

“The Georgia Secretary of States wants you to believe that I knowingly voted while serving a felony sentence,” Pritchard wrote. “Never happened! I did vote every time they said, but never illegally.”

On the website and its companion conservative talk show,, Pritchard criticized President Joe Biden and questioned the results of the 2020 presidential election, saying in one video: “They want you to believe 81 million Americans voted for this guy.”

“The loudest cheers are about election fraud,” Pritchard said elsewhere in the same video. “I’m just telling you, look what they’ve done to us.”


In reaction to the conviction, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) said Pritchard “must resign immediately or be removed from office” on X, formerly Twitter.

Though the public reprimand may stymie Pritchard’s career in Georgia state politics, he could always try to pursue a second chapter with the 2020 election deniers heading the Republican National Committee.

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